Microbiologi- cal test

Microbiology testing services help minimize the risk of potential damage by microbes and to ensure the microbiology quality of your products is maintained. Microbiology testing services are a crucial requirement across many industries worldwide where products, processes and human health are at risk of being negatively affected by the presence and breeding of micro-organisms such as specific pathogens, bacteria, yeast and molds. Our independent microbiology testing services offer world-class capability across assessment of microbial contamination, quality control testing, shelf-life and challenge testing, and we can increase consumer confidence in your product, mitigate the negative effects of microbes in your production environment and safeguard your processes and personnel.

Safety First

The areas generally monitored in a clean room environment include personnel, ventilation, building fabric and equipment. Both the airborne and surface contamination levels are tested. Testing should take place with the clean room in operation, however baseline data from cleaning validations and 'as built' conditions should also be collected.

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