Air pressure difference test

Air pressure testing is a method of measuring and quantifying the air leakage of a building. The test consists of putting a fan contained in a temporary screen into an outside door rebate and pressurizing or depressurizing the building whilst recording the air leakage rates. The external air pressure, wind speed and temperature are measured at the same time, since they have a bearing on the results of the test. Testing the air tightness of existing dwellings can highlight problematic areas which can then be treated cost-effectively to improve the energy efficiency of the dwelling as a whole.

Quality Innovations have the facility to provide a comprehensive air pressure difference testing service. Our friendly Technical Advisors and Technicians have years of experience and are available to consult and advise on all aspects of air pressure difference testing service, on site or post-test.

Safety First

From one-off tests for home owners and self-builders, providing advice and consultancy for architects and quantity surveyors, through to hundreds of tests on large-scale developments for national construction companies. Our team of skilled and accredited engineers are committed to helping our customers achieve success.

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